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An award-winning creative team from South Africa and Germany based in NYC. They met back in 2017, when Rob hired Lukas for his first job in the US at TBWA\Chiat\Day New York. Since then, they’ve become old friends.
And now, a new team.
Rob is a copywriter who was a CD, GCD and ECD for BBDO and TBWA until 2018. From then till last year, he was a partner and creative director at New York creative studio RUNT.

Lukas is an independent art director with elite design capabilities and a burgeoning digital fine art career under the nom de plume Lorem De Loop.

They're well-awarded at the major advertising shows. They love to create and build brands, tell original stories and bring powerful ideas to life. If you are a brand owner, a marketer, an agency, production house or start-up, they can make a huge impact for you, and do it quickly.

Rob holds a green card, Lukas is an EU citizen and has an O1 visa application in progress.
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They don’t live in the same city, nothing unusual about that these days. But it’s not something to work around, it’s one of their strengths. The time difference between NYC and Germany is perfect for their workflow. Rob’s morning overlaps with Lukas’s afternoon, ideal for concepting and planning together. Then they each have separate time to push their craft.

(For example, at the end of Rob’s day in NYC he delivers writing to Hamburg. A short while later Lukas wakes up, ready to visualize while Rob sleeps.)

Rob and Lukas are flexible about joining early and late meetings across US and European time zones. They’re open to temporary relocation to work on-site for significant projects - as well as to creative direct productions - worldwide.
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